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Fine Art Print

I chose this picture of String Lake in Teton National Park to be my fine art print. I like this picture because of the beautiful reflection and the blanket of clouds covering the mountain. When I was editing this shot, I wanted to keep the clear water to show the logs at the bottom of the lake. I increased the green tint to make the pine trees more vibrant but I had to go in with a brush and remove the tint to see the brown shore line. I am really grateful I was able to capture this moment. It is very beautiful and am proud how it turned out.


2 thoughts on “Fine Art Print

  1. Tenielle I really like this shot. It’s taken at String Lake, isn’t it? I love your post-production of the shot as well. It enhances the picture without overpowering it or making it look fake. You should check out this blog I think you would like it

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