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Professional Phone Photography

Long Exposure

One of my favorite things to do while shooting on my phone in “live” mode is to change the effects to long exposure. Once you change the effect you get to see the beautiful smooth water come to life! The hardest part for me was to hold still while taking the shot because the live photo captures all the movement. In order to capture a smooth shot you must hold still so only the water is moving and nothing else. I am happy how they turned out and the cloudy weather created great contrast.

Lens Compression

To capture a lens compression shot you have to back up and pinch the subject. This allows the background to appear closer than it actually is. The first picture is from a tree branch and I loved the fall leave colors. I stood on the top of the little hill and zoomed in so the forest ground appeared closer than it was. In the second shot, I saw this one leaf on the ground it was so pretty I couldn’t help but to pick it up and take a look. I held my arm out as far as I could reach and zoomed into the subject. The pine tree in the background was closer than how far away it was.

Portrait Depth Mode

To create the portrait depth shot we were to compare and contrast a regular photo to a portrait mode shot. In the first shot is the regular photo with my background blur. In the second photo there is background blur and the subject is in focus. There is a second example that showcases the same concept.


The is a panoramic shot in Yellowstone from our excursion at the blue pools. It is so amazing all the different colors in the thermal pools. I captured this panoramic shot on my iPhone using the setting and holding very still as a rotating very still following the straight arrow. I enjoy the pine trees for the horizon and the blue thermal pool as the main subject.

4 thoughts on “Professional Phone Photography

  1. These are great tips for professional phone photography. I really like the portrait photos you took those are very cool my phone can’t do that much depth of field. here is my post if you want to see it. Also here is this cool article about phone photography:
    Valentina did a great job in her blog. Check her out

  2. I love your portrait photography! I think it captures a sweet candid picture! Where did you take those pictures? I’d love if you’d see my photography ( and gave me some pointers too!

  3. These look soooo goood!!! I love your panorama; my panorama was at some Yellowstone geysers too! You should go see it! Here’s the link: Taylor had a super cool panorama of some geysers as well, you should go see it!
    I love that you did ALL of this with just a smartphone. You should totally read this article:

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