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My name is Teneille Troescher. I am from a small town outside of Ogden, Utah. Growing up I loved to take pictures. I would do photoshoots my my friends to make memories and capture our friendships. In high school I received my first iPhone and was in loved with how good the camera was and took more interest into photography. I decided to take a photography class and loved it so much I saved up to buy my first DSLR camera. Ever since then, I have loved photography and all the things I can learn about it. Check out my instagram page and follow me to see more!

My family

My family

I am the youngest in my family. My oldest brother in the blue hat is name Treg and his wife Nichole is next to him. My sister is wearing the mauve turtle neck with her husband Chase. My lovely parents Kim and Bill. Then there is me in the middle between my family. I love all of them very much and am so grateful for how great each of them are.

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