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Beautiful Landscape Photography

Teton National Park

I had never been to Teton National Park before and it was an incredible experience. The beauty and colors were mind blowing. It was unfortunate the weather was overcast and the Tetons were covered by the clouds. I was able to capture some really nice shots in multiple locations that we had stopped at. To capture my favorite shots, I had to get low and find an angle that created good composition.

Found some Kayakers at String Lake and asked to take some photos. It was a beautiful reflection and the colors popped on the water.
This shot is taken at the LDS pioneer barns where the saint settled. The yellow brush and green sage brush created a nice contrast with the log cabin home.
The beautiful fall colors on the hill caught my eye and I wanted to showcase them. I also loved the fence that lead your eye to many different directions.
The Tetons peaked out here and there throughout the day and I was able to capture a glimpse at one of the peaks. I loved the beautiful river and the ducks swimming in the middle.
I was laying on my stomach when I took this shot. I wanted to be able to capture the path leading up to the cabin. I loved the tall brush and the flat path.
One of my favorite shots from Teton National Park. I love that the water is so clear and you can see the pine tree branches at the bottom of String Lake. The could covering the tips of the mountains is very beautiful.

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