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Light Painting Photography

Long Exposure and Light Painting

I really enjoyed long exposure and light painting. It is amazing how much your camera can capture and what you as the photographer want to capture. It takes a couple tries to figure out how you want something to look or what angle you want to capture. One of my favorite things to shoot was the astrophotography. I set my timer to twenty seconds and with the right aperture and white balance and then you get to see the beautiful stars that light up the sky. I also really enjoyed the elf house and red truck. I liked to light up the windows and the head lights of the truck. It creates dimension and really nice contrast.

2 thoughts on “Light Painting Photography

  1. Hi! I loved your pictures. I think it is very interesting that you created the illusion of lights with light painting. It reminds me of these pictures:

    Here are some more tips on how to create different light paintings:

    You can also visit my blog:

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